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Grandma's Kitchen

Old time charms, fresh from the garden, splash of herbs and spices, lots of LOVE. Grandma's Kitchen brings you the best of your childhood memories. 

Includes Carrot Cake, Apple Walnut Pie, Almond Apricot Tart

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All Star WunderBox

Be ambitious! Get a taste of all the current fan favorites of WunderBars, including seasonal bars & specials!

10 bars per box. 

Spring Clean

Spring Clean boasts refreshing powerful detoxing cleansers and fibers while replenishing your body with superfood nutrients.

Includes Dirty Snowman, Beetlicious Ginger Candy, Fig n' Chia

 Feelin' Royal?  

Customize your own WunderBar flavor and look! Get in touch! It's great for events too!

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Coconut Protein

Don't get fooled cuz they look nice! The Coconut Protein Bars are packed with extra-strength natural protein and nutritious superfoods, brightened up by a touch of fresh fruit.

Includes Island Bliss, Hemp Matcha, Coconut Twist

 Decidophobia? Leave it to us!

Artisan Curated Selection of WunderBars Delivered to Your Door Weekly or Monthly.



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Fruity & Hearty

A delicious selection inspired by nature's best, Fruity & Hearty is a nutritious blend of juicy fresh berries and hand-picked nuts.

Includes PB&J, Gooey Granola​, Blueberry Cobbler


Luxurious raw cacao beans ground to these luscious chocolate bars, Chocoholic is a loved-by-all must-have for a morning wake-up, an afternoon slump quick fix, a sweet healthy dessert, and so much more. ​

Includes Mochalatta, Peanut Butter Brownie, Spicy Banana

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by Jen

                 Farm Fresh  |  Vegetarian   |   Non-GMO   |   Gluten Free   |   Soy Free   |   No Additives   |  Nutrition Rich