Founder's VIP WunderBox

All 15 of WunderBar's original flavors

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 Feelin' Royal?  

Customize your own WunderBar flavor and look! Get in touch! It's great for events too!

Rookie's WunderBox

Not sure what you'd like? Let us send you 4 fan favorites for a taste!

4 bars per box. 

Angela's Zoo Bar!

Created for Angela, our superstar Kickstarter supporter! 

Coconut, fruit and raw nuts based WunderBar dipped in 100% cacao Russian chocolate and sprinkled with ceremonial grade Matcha powder from Japan.

All our favorite super foods in one, this bar is da bom!

Only available to VIP subscribers.

 Decidophobia? Leave it to us!

Artisan Curated Selection of WunderBars Delivered to Your Door Weekly or Monthly.

Farm Fresh  |  Vegan  |   Non-GMO   |   Gluten Free   |   Soy Free   |   No Additives  |  No Syrup or Filler    |  No Empty Calories

All Star WunderBox

Be ambitious! Get a taste of all the current fan favorites of WunderBars, including seasonal bars & specials!

10 bars per box. 

Farm to Bar

by Jen