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Farm Fresh  |  Vegan  |   Non-GMO   |   Gluten Free   |   Soy Free   |   No Additives  |  No Syrup or Filler    |  No Empty Calories

by Jen


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Q: What is WunderBar?

WunderBar is an artisan, farm-to-bar-to-belly snack bar that’s made fresh, with all-natural ingredients, sourced from local NY farmers and responsible suppliers. Completely free of preservatives, additives and empty calorie ingredients, our bars are meticulously handcrafted to be a health-conscious, nutritious snack for health-minded individuals. Each WunderBar is also a decadent work of art, made to look as delicious as it tastes!

WunderBar isn’t a sugary-sweet, processed treat. It’s not a meal replacement bar. It’s also not just an energy bar to grab on-the-go! A WunderBar is meant to be savored and enjoyed. It’s the snack you can feel good about eating. It doesn’t compromise on taste or presentation, and it’s a new way to truly enjoy real, natural food.

Q: How is WunderBar Different?

A: First of all, we know there are many seemingly similar bars out there, so we thank you for checking us out. 

You should also thank yourself because you are checking out the FIRST and ONLY snack bar made from farm fresh organic ingredients (for example, instead of dried apple rings dusted with sulfate to preserve color, we use actual apples we harvest from our farm and sun-dry them with a limited time) This is our biggest difference. Store-bought energy and protein bars have long shelf lives -- Do you believe "natural" ingredients like fresh apple and banana would stay fresh on the shelves for over a year after harvest?

We only work with fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and spices. If any processing needed (i.e., roasting nuts, grinding spices) we do that in our own kitchen in methods that best preserve the ingredients' nutrients. 

Another big difference -- WunderBar looks and tastes wunderbar!! (it is German for "Wonderful") We work with emerging chefs and home-style pastry masters to create the best presentation, flavors and texture. With no additives or empty calorie ingredients, you won't taste added flavoring, syrups, or fillers. Plus, WunderBars are all designed to look like creative desserts that's far more appealing than many snack bars out there. WunderBar currently has 18 unique bars and counting! We bet you can find one (or 15!) that you love!

Q: Why do we create WunderBar, not a conventional dessert or a protein bar?

Snack and dessert are two little words with some very big stigmas. They are viewed as unnecessary, an indulgence or a guilty pleasure, and are “so good they’re bad for you”. Because of how these words are perceived, we’ve effectively created a culture where foods that taste good must be bad for you, and healthy options can’t possibly taste as good.

But who says you have to sacrifice taste, smell, and presentation to eat healthfully? WunderBar is the best of both worlds.

We’ve done our research to make sure every ingredient that goes into our bars comes from a source that guarantees freshness, quality, and sustainability. As a result, each WunderBaris packed with protein, vitamins and superfood nutrition, without empty calories from added sugars, oils or starches. WunderBar is as good for you as it is to eat!

We use fresh fruits and veggies, sun-drying them when necessary without adding sugar, oil or sulfates. We work in the raw with nuts and seeds, slow-roasting them when necessary in small batches, again without adding salt or oil. We enrich the flavors with freshly ground organic spices—you won’t find artificial sweeteners or “natural flavorings” that come out of a lab! We are loyal to our organic mission and stay true to what these ingredients should taste like in their most natural forms.

We also believe in aesthetic appeal: a snack should look as good as it tastes! If you’ve ever eaten an energy or protein bar, you know there’s not much appeal in a plain-colored brick of carbs or a tube of “protein paste.” We don’t want to see you force down nutrition like it’s medicine! With this in mind, each WunderBar is inspired by artisan desserts and handcrafted to be a gourmet work of art. Our bars look like something you WANT to eat! We believe that if a healthy snack looks just as good (or better!) than an unhealthy one, it’ll help people make good decisions about their eating habits.

Our mission is to redefine snacking, to make it healthier and more appealing, while also inspiring better eating habits in people so they care more about what they’re putting in their bodies.

Q: I don't see additives like sulfate as an ingredient on many bars, what does this mean?

According to the FDA, many additives can be exempt from the ingredient list under certain circumstances. You could be consuming sulfate, preservatives and the likes in a "Natural" and "Healthy" snack bar.

Not WunderBar. We are not packaged bars produced in a factory and sitting on the grocery racks. We Work with Only Farm Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Spices. We never use Additives or Empty Calorie Foods. You Can Taste the Difference.  And We List All Ingredients that Go Into Any WunderBar. (Therefore, for most of these bars, a fridge is their good friend.)

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