Farm to Bar

Farm Fresh  |  Vegan  |   Non-GMO   |   Gluten Free   |   Soy Free   |   No Additives  |  No Syrup or Filler    |  No Empty Calories

by Jen


Our Fans Saying...

"So luscious you can't believe it's healthy!"              - Jake (Brooklyn, NY)

"I'm just happy that FINALLY there's  no trash in my bar!"        - Amber (FL)

"Not only are these bars tasty ...they're also gorgeous."

      - Award Wining Blog Vegan Crunk

​"In the vast world of "power bars," these bars are obviously quite unique in every way"

                           - Vegan Eats & Treats!


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Farm to Bar

WunderBar by Jen is Delicious meets Wholesomeness! ​ It is THE ONLY snack bar with farm-fresh REAL food and NO additives or empty calories. ​Every bar is artisan hand crafted from scratch in small batches.

Give You and Your Loved Ones the Gift of Non-Guilty Pleasure. PIck All Your Fav Flavors Here!

Bar to Door

WunderBar currently offers by-subscription delivery and customized on-demand orders as well as promotional events nationwide, bringing to you lusciousness in its rawest form. 


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