Farm to Bar

Farm Fresh  |  Vegan  |   Non-GMO   |   Gluten Free   |   Soy Free   |   Dairy Free  |  No Additives   |  No Empty Calories

by Jen


Our Fans Saying...

"So luscious you can't believe it's healthy!"              - Jake (Brooklyn, NY)

"I'm just happy that FINALLY there's  no trash in my bar!"        - Amber (FL)

"Not only are these bars tasty ...they're also gorgeous."

      - Award Wining Blog Vegan Crunk

​"In the vast world of "power bars," these bars are obviously quite unique in every way"

                           - Vegan Eats & Treats!


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Farm to Bar

WunderBar by Jen is Delicious meets Wholesomeness! ​ It is THE ONLY snack bar with farm-fresh REAL food and NO additives or empty calories. ​Every bar is artisan hand crafted from scratch in small batches.

Give You and Your Loved Ones the Gift of Non-Guilty Pleasure. PIck All Your Fav Flavors Here!

Check out the "Zoo" bar, created for our SuperStar Kickstarter supporter Angela from Los Angeles, CA

Bar to Door

WunderBar currently offers by-subscription delivery and customized on-demand orders as well as promotional events nationwide, bringing to you lusciousness in its rawest form. 


Wunderbar LLC | New York NY | Copyright © 2016

Coconut, fruit and raw nuts based WunderBar dipped in 100% dark Russian chocolate and sprinkled with ceremonial grade Matcha powder. Unbelievably rich, refreshing, and heart healthy. 

Artisan Curated Selection of WunderBars with Creative Themes Delivered to You Every Month.

+1 (646) 847-WBAR (9227)